Blessed by Shepherd’s Hope

Carolina is counting her blessings.  She’d been suffering from severe abdominal pains but couldn’t afford to see a doctor and didn’t know where else to turn. “I didn’t know what I was going to do, how I was going to … Continue reading


Answered Prayers for a New Beginning

Victor called and needed help. He’d been laid off from work 19 months ago and had been searching for a new job. His unemployment benefits were about to run out, and his prayers were answered for his dream job on an off-shore Louisiana oil rig. … Continue reading


It’s A Family Affair

Worn down by a constant cough, Janet had been sick for several months, but couldn’t afford to see a doctor. Thankfully, someone told her about Shepherd’s Hope. Not wanting to leave her four year-old daughter Katy unattended in the waiting … Continue reading