Marni F. StahlmanMarni_Stahlman
President / CEO

Marni F. Stahlman, Ph.D., ABD

In her current role as President/CEO of Shepherd’s Hope, a faith-based nonprofit serving the uninsured and underinsured at five free health clinics in Orange and Seminole Counties, Marni has implemented dramatic strides to the organization through clinical operations innovations, Board of Directors enhancement, and communications and sustainability initiatives with the goal of positioning the Shepherd’s Hope brand as a balanced and authoritative voice for the nearly
one half million uninsured men, women and children (1-in-4 local residents) living in Central Florida.

To reach this goal, taking the helm in April 2013, Marni has increased the employee team from 16 to 27 employees while leading 2,300+ medical and lay volunteers, in 2016 alone, to execute nearly 18,000 primary and/or specialty care patient visits and services to the uninsured and/or underserved.  Over these 4 years, the organization has seen an increase of 25% in patient volume directly translating to thousands of men, women and children receiving essential medical care. This concentrated effort to bring new patients through the doors of Shepherd’s Hope, rather than the emergency room, is making a significant collective impact on the Central Florida community. With the average cost of an emergency department visit in Central Florida at $4,600 (OBJ 11/10/14) and the value for a patient visit at a Shepherd’s Hope health center (which may include physician exam, nursing assessment, diagnostic testing, pharmacy, and case management services) at $77 Marni has been able to demonstrate a mitigating factor to area hospital system partners of nearly $420,420 to $25,116,000.

With strategic tactics tied to revenue initiatives that includes grants, major gifts, special events and donor development, while maintaining an organizational commitment to accepting no state or federals funding sources, Marni has led the organization from annual revenues of $998,000 in 2012 to $1,736,407 in 2016, a 57% revenue increase.

Professional and Civic

Marni was recognized in both 2016 and 2015 as a CEO of the Year by the Orlando Business Journal and also in 2016 received the Bud Bell Florida State Advocate of the Year award from the Florida Community Health Action Information Network. In addition, she was selected in both 2014 and 2015 as a Women Who Mean Business nominee by the Orlando Business Journal and in 2014 was a Women of Distinction Nominee for the Girl Scouts of Citrus Council. In 2017 Marni was appointed as board member to the East Central Florida Health Council. She serves as a member of the Public Policy Council for the Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics and is on the membership committee for Florida Executive Women.  Since being appointed in 2003, Marni has served as the Vice Chairwoman of the Educational Facilities Authority for Orange County Government.  She also served a two year appointed term from 2012-2014 as the Chairwoman of the Disability Advisory Board for Orange County Government. In 2014 she completed her second three-year appointed term as a lay member to the Florida Bar Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial Circuit and from 2008-2012 was a Florida Supreme Court appointee to the Florida Bar’s Citizen’s Forum. In 1997, at the age of 33, Marni was recognized by the Orlando Business Journal as one of the area’s “40 Under 40” recipients.

Marni and her husband, Paul, are parents to 9-year-old daughter Lily Mae and their other furry child, Ellie, a 85-lb. chocolate Labrador. An “almost Florida native” since 1975, Marni was raised in Winter Park, and is a graduate of Winter Park High School. Marni holds a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Tampa, a dual M.S. in Counseling and Psychology, and Ph.D., ABD in Psychology. Her family also includes six nieces and nephews, her mother Dr. Jacquie Berger, brother Jeffrey Berger, and sister Samantha Goodowens, all who also reside in Winter Park.

Marni is passionate about healthcare, education, mental health, her faith, and empowering female leaders.