Steven M. Gallas, DO
Medical Director

Pamela Gould
President and CEO

Jean Zambrano
Vice President of Clinical Operations

Amy Pennock
Vice President of Finance

Candace Goodman
Communications & Development Manager

Carlie Brockmann
Development Coordinator

Gina Johnson
Director of Clinical Quality Management

Abby Seelinger
Volunteer Program Manager

Morgan McElrath
Volunteer Coordinator

Arelis Vargas

Evelyn Vazquez
Longwood Case Manager

Hannah Barni
Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial / Downtown Case Manager

Zamona Bacchus
Ocoee / Tazkiah Health Center Manager

Gloria Alvarez
Downtown Health Center Manager

Evelyn Stankowski
Ocoee/ Tazikah Case Manager

Thomas Higgins
Longwood Health Center Manager

Carla Reeves
Longwood Health Center Manager

Catherine Garcia
Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Health Center Manager

Ella Romano
Community Care Manager

Kelly Carter
Community Care Coordinator

Annely Alvarado
Community Care Coordinator

Sandra Allen
Health Information Data Analyst

Maryen Vemuri
Health Center Manager for Diebel